G.I. Earthing Electrode

The earthing electrode comes in high conductive variants G.I/MS. The MS earthing electrode undergoes a treatment of ‘hot dip galvanization’ in up to 300 microns and out up to 100 microns so as to have a better strength of the rod and prevents from corrosion. The high conductive material which is fed inside the earthing electrode and sealed at the both the ends performs cohesively to dissipate the fault current in an uniform manner and protects the electrode from punctures and breakages due to sudden surge of current. In order to ease of safe handling the earthing electrode has being wrapped with laminated pack carrying the instructions to installation. It is available in pipe and plate model.

Series Diameter (MM) Length (M) Terminal Dia (MM)
CG37 (G.I) 50/80 MM 2/3 M 12/14 MM
Series Diameter (feet) Length (M) Terminal Dia (MM)
CG55 (G.I) 2x2 6 MM NA

Moisture Enhancer

‘Moisture Enhancer’ a natural mineral composition with its inherent feature along with the soil acts to restores the moisture content with in it for a longer period and fastens the dissipation of fault current into the earth and hence guards the electrode and provides a stable electrical value.