Lightning Arrester

The lightning protection system aka lightning arrester protects the structure from damage by intercepting flashes of lightning and transmitting their current to the ground. Since lightning strikes tend to strike the highest object in the locality, the rod is placed at the top of an elevated structure. It is connected to the ground by low-resistance cables.

Our lightning protection system comes in a best conductive copper material installed at the top of the building, will neutralize the dissipated lighting with the lightning arrestor and ground the fault current through COSMOS earthing electrode and hence protect the building and belongings from the damages.

Dia Ball (MM) Base Plate (MM) Spikes (Dia/Thickness) Pipe (Length/Dia/Thick)
80 MM 100 MM 100 MM / 6 MM 4 FEET / 25MM / 2MM


  • For High Voltage Application
  • Meeting the required lightning protection standards
  • Consistent performance in all weather conditions
  • Light weight and low wind loading
  • Precise and viable
  • No power supply required
  • Ease to Install
  • Long service life
  • Cost effective


  • IT companies, Railway Communication & Signaling
  • Transmission & Distribution Systems
  • Electrical sub-stations, Transformers & Power Generators
  • Oil Refineries, Pumping Stations & Hi-rise commercial establishments
  • Dedicated Neutral & Body Earthing