Perfect Earthings preaches and practices a proper and stringent earthing practice from identifying the favorable pit area, erection and installation followed by suggestive maintenance measures. It comes as a support to our earthing product and will be boon to our customers whom can let the experts to handle the erection and installation.

    Consulting & Analysis

  • Consult the user’s requisite especially in the case of high end and sensitive operations
  • Identify the favorable pit area


  • Augur manually/Bore drilling with a diameter of 4.5” to 6” to a depth of 7 ½’ (2 m) / 11’ (3m)
  • In the dig /drill hole after adding moisture enhancer to the tune of 6” height and keep the earthing electrode upon the M.E
  • Add the Moisture enhancer along with water around the rod and by doing gentle thrust on the M.E to avoid the air crack in the pit.
  • The terminal point should be up above the pit level about 6”.
  • Wet the pit by watering regularly for 15-20 days till it gets stagnant to get familiar with moisture enhancer with the mother soil.
  • The earth resistance value can be taken after a week’s time.
  • Usage of Stainless Steel or Copper bolts & nuts to avoid the rust formation
  • Connect the equipment after getting satisfactory result.

    Precaution & Handling

  • Minimum leave 5 ft distance from foundation to the earth pit
  • Minimum leave 10 ft distance in between the earth pit, if it is in series (more than one)
  • Avoid watery pit
  • Don’t mishandle the Electrode inside or outside the pit
  • Don’t break or bend or keep in slanting position while installation


  • Depend on the nature of the soil, water the pit at stipulated intervals